Infrastructure Development Code


DS-8 - Appendix D.1   General

The following shall be utilised when providing lighting columns.

Lighting Column Submission Checklist


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1. Height and Outreach Length

The column has a nominal height and a maximum outreach arm as outlined in Table D1.

2. Tilt Angle

The outreach arm has an upward tilt angle of 5°.

3. Permanent Design Load

The column is designed to take the load of a standard luminaire as outlined in Table D1.

4. Wind Design Load

The column design must comply with the latest standards set out in AS/NZS 1170.2 and must be designed to take the load on a 1m2 sign attached 2.5m above ground level.

5. Structural Steel Thickness

The minimum steel thickness for the in ground section of the column with a nominal height greater than 10m is not less than 3mm. Other structural elements of the column is not less than 2mm thick.

6. Steel Properties

All structural steel used to manufacture the column complies with the standards set out in NZS 3404.

7. Deflections

The column must be designed to have a maximum deflection of no more than ±3°.

8. Dynamic Response

The dynamic response of the column does comply with Section 6 of AS/NZS 1170.2

9. Switchboard Door Cavity Opening

The base of the switchboard door cavity opening is located between 600mm and 900mm above finished ground level and requires a special tool to open.

10. Protective Coating

The entire column, both internally and externally, is galvanised or otherwise protected by a Council approved coating system.

11. Base Section

On top of the overall galvanisation, the base section of the column does have an approved extra protective coating from 200mm above ground level to the base of the column.

12. Welding

All welding on the column complies with AS/NZS 1544.

13. Design Life

The column has a minimum design life of 50 years.             

Note: If any column submitted does not comply fully with the above points, please provide all the necessary information (i.e. design calculations or manufactures warranty) for alternative design consideration.

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