Infrastructure Development Code


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DS-9 - Appendix A.1 General

DS-9 - Appendix A.1 General

The latest revision or operative version of the following standards shall be used in conjunction with the IDC:

  1. Council documentation:
    1. City Plan.
    2. TCC Traffic Systems Design and Implementation Guidelines.
  2. New Zealand/Australian/British Standards:
    1. National Code of Practice for Utilities Access to the Transport Corridors.
    2. NZTA CoPTTM Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management and Local Supplement.
  3. Other reference material:
    1. Resource Management Act
    2. New Zealand Building Act
    3. Health and safety at Work Act
    4. Utilities Access Act.
Explanatory Note:
All works shall be in accordance with the relevant network Utility Operators standards or literature where possible.

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