Infrastructure Development Code


The role of the Advisory Panel is to represent the sector of the community (primarily the development community) most affected by any substantive amendment of the IDC. 

The Advisory Panel provides opinions/advice and recommendations to the Manager: Asset Planning and Information when a decision is to be made on any proposed substantive amendment to the IDC.

The Advisory Panel is chaired by the Manager: Asset Planning and Information or their delegate. Feedback will be sought from the Advisory Panel by way of electronic means in the first instance. However, where required, the Advisory Panel will meet to discuss any issue requiring more extensive review and discussion.

The Advisory Panel may comprise representative(s) from the following groups/entities:

  1. TCC Infrastructure Group.
  2. TCC Regulatory and Compliance Group.
  3. Contractors Federation.
  4. Institute of Surveyors.
  5. Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand.
  6. Property Developers Forum.
  7. Other professionals as deemed appropriate for the subject matter by the Manager: Asset Planning and Information.

Where specialist knowledge is required for a particular issue, specialists may also be included on the Advisory Panel.

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