Infrastructure Development Code


The following parameters shall be used when creating infrastructure development plans as part of a Development Works Approval report:

QA-3.7.1  Line Type and Symbols

Line type and symbol details shall be the same as those shown on the example As-Built plans as follows:

  1. AB-100 Infill As-Built Plan.
  2. AB-200 Streetscape and Reserves As-Built Plan.
  3. AB-400 Transportation Network As-Built Plan.
  4. AB- 500 Stormwater As-Built Plan.
  5. AB-600 Wastewater As-Built Plan.
  6. AB-700 Water Supply As-Built Plan.
  7. AB-800 Earthworks As-Built Plan.

If no symbol or line type exists for an attribute, Council shall be consulted for creation or approval of a new symbol.

QA-3.7.2  Coordinates and Levels

Coordinates of all features shall be supplied with all infrastructure development information as follows:

  1. X, Y shall be shown using a known coordinate system (including northings and eastings).
  2. Z levels shall be in terms of NZVD2016 Datum.

QA-3.7.3   Coordinate and Level Accuracy

Coordinates of all features shall be within the following accuracy:

  1. X, Y shall be within +/- 0.1m.
  2. Z shall be within +/- 0.01m.

QA-3.7.4   Coordinate Location

Unless otherwise identified, X, Y coordinates and Z heights shall be taken from the centre of all surface features.

QA-3.7.5   Plan Scale

Plans shall be suitably scaled to the plan paper size being supplied using standard draughting scales i.e. 1:500, 1:250, 1:200 etc.

QA-3.7.6 Asset Specific Information Requirements

The Consent Holder's Representative shall submit information as per the drawing checklists in QA-3 Development Works Approval (DWA) Application Template available in the IDC Toolbox.

For Type 1 Developments, separate plan drawings are not required for all Council assets.

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