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  4. Quality Assurance Information Requirements
    1. QA-1 Resource Consent Application Requirements
    2. QA-2 Works Undertaken By or For a Council
    3. QA-3 Development Works Approval
    4. QA-4 Survey Plan (s223) Approval
    5. QA-5 Final Sign Off (s224c) Application Requirements
    6. QA-6 As-Built Information
    7. QA-7 Bonds and Maintenance Fee
    8. QA-8 Building Consent Considerations
  5. Design Standards
    1. DS-1 General Provisions
    2. DS-2 Streetscape
    3. DS-3 Reserves
    4. DS-4 Transportation Network
    5. DS-5 Stormwater
    6. DS-6 Wastewater
    7. DS-7 Water Supply
    8. DS-8 Public Lighting
    9. DS-9 Network Utilities
    10. DS-10 Natural Hazards & Earthworks
    11. DS-11 Road Zone/Road Reserve Occupancy
    12. DS-12 Building Consent Considerations
  6. Standard Drawings
    1. SD-1 General Provisions
    2. Street design diagrams
    3. T100 Perspective Drawings
    4. T200 Streetscape
    5. T300 Reserves
    6. T400 Transport Network
    7. T500 Stormwater
    8. T600 Wastewater
    9. T700 Water Supply
    10. T800 Public Lighting
    11. AB As-Built Drawings
  7. Approved Materials
  8. Construction Standards
    1. CS-1 General
    2. CS-2 Site Clearance
    3. CS-3 Earthworks
    4. CS-4 Excavation
    5. CS-5 Excavation in Trench
    6. CS-6 Fill
    7. CS-7 Bedding & Backfill
    8. CS-8 Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks & Roads
    9. CS-9 Pipework
    10. CS-10 Pipe Fittings
    11. CS-11 Manholes & Rodding Eyes
    12. CS-12 Sumps
    13. CS-13 Trenchless Technology
    14. CS-14 Road Ripping
    15. CS-15 Road Pavement Layers
    16. CS-16 Kerb & Channel
    17. CS-17 Concrete Work
    18. CS-18 Carriageway Surfacing
    19. CS-19 Roadmarking
    20. CS-20 Berm Features
    21. CS-21 Street Structures
    22. CS-22 Road Maintenance
    23. CS-23 Grassing & Turfing
    24. CS-24 Vegetation Planting & Gardens
    25. CS-25 Reinstatement
  9. Inspection & Testing Requirements
    1. IT-1 General Provision
    2. IT-2 Streetscape
    3. IT-3 Reserves
    4. IT-4 Transportation Network
    5. IT-5 Stormwater
    6. IT-6 Wastewater
    7. IT-7 Water Supply
    8. IT-8 Public Lighting
    9. IT-9 Network Utilities
Infrastructure Development Code

QA-7 - Appendix B Landscaping: Incomplete Works Bond Value Calculation


QA-7 Apx A.1   Minimum Value

The minimum value for this type of bond is $5000 (excluding GST). All calculated bond values less than this will be rounded up to this value. Calculated bond values $5000 or higher will apply as calculated.

Explanatory Note:
This minimum valve is set to reduce the likelihood of bonds default by Bond Holders. Default resolution can cost a lot of time and money for all parties involved and does not promote appropriate relationships between the parties involved.
Council are not obliged to provide for Bonds but do so in good faith. 


QA-7 Apx A.2   Bond Value Calculation

The value of the bonded works shall be calculated as follows:

  1. All costs for the installation of the bonded items shall be agreed between Council, the Consent Holder's Representative and the intended Bond Holder.
  2. All agreed items and values shall be listed on form B2 Bond Form - Schedule of Works.
  3. The agreed value of the bonded works shall be escalated by 25% to allow for a contingency amount to arrange completion of the development works where a bond is in default. This includes enacting the bond, design related to the works, construction cost index fluctuations and a component for risk.
  4. Add an allowance for GST to the escalated value.
Example 1:  
Agreed Value of Incomplete Works $25,416.00
Plus 25% Escalation for Period of Bond $6,354.00
Sub-Total 1 $31,770.00
Plus an allowance for GST (15%) $4,765.50
Total Value of Incomplete Works Bond $36,535.50
Example 2:  
Agreed Value of Incomplete Works $2,500.00
Plus 25% Escalation for Period of Bond $625.00
Sub-Total 1 $3,125.00 (<$5000, round up to minimum value)
Rounded Sub-Total 1 $5,000.00
Plus an allowance for GST (15%) $750.00
Total Value of Incomplete Works Bond $5,750.00

All costs associated with the provision of a bond are the responsibility of the Consent Holder's Representative.

Definitions in this section

Bond holder

Consent holder's representative



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