Infrastructure Development Code


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T700 Water Supply Pipe Hierarchy

T701 Water Supply - Looped and Linked Principal Mains

T705 Water Main - Location at Intersections

T706 Water Main - Location at a Cul De Sac

T707 Water Main - Rider Main to Main Connection

T708 Water Main - Flushing Point

T709 Water Main - Branch Valves and Hydrant Combinations

T710 Water Main - Support for Asbestos Cement Main

T713 Hydrant Surround

T714 Hydrant Box

T715 Hydrant Surround Blocks

T716 Valve Surround

T717 Valve Box

T718 Valve Surround 75mm Concrete

T719 Valve Surround 100mm Concrete

T720 Valve Surround Heavy Duty Concrete

T721 Anchor block for Sluice Valves on Mains

T722 Anchor Block for Flanged Fittings on Mains

T723 Thrust Blocks

T724 Hydrant and Valve Marker Post

T727 Water Meter - Type 1 and 2 Point of Supply Location Installation

T728 Water Meter - Type 3 and 4 Point of Supply Location Installation

T729 Water Meter - Fire System Connection With Potable Supply Installation

T730 Standard 20mm Manifold Connection

T731 Standard 20mm Manifold Connections - Plan View

T732 Multiple 20mm Installations

T733 20mm Connection Requiring Double Check Valve

T734 20mm Connection Requiring RPZ Installation

T735 25mm, 40mm or 50mm Meter Installation With Double Check Valve

T736 <50mm Meter Installation with RPZ

T737 Property Connection - 50mm Combination Meter Installation with Double Check Valve

T738 Combination Meter Installation with RPZ

T739 >50mm Combination Meter Installation with RPZ & Bypass Option

T740 Property Connection - Secure Connection

T741 Manhole - Class A Loading

T742 Chamber - Class A Loading

T743 Manhole - Class B Loading

T744 Chamber - Class B Loading

T751 Bedding and Backfill Details

T753 Buildings Near Public Mains